Daylight's End

by SkyBolt

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Obsidian, the Captain of the Nightsguard, walks alone in the empty main hall of the castle. All of the kingdom is at peace as the sun wanes on the horizon. In the falling darkness around Canterlot, familiar yellow eyes dot the landscape. Their loyalty is unfailing. They understand their duty and eagerly await the coming night. With his Queen approaching the throne room, he knows the time has come. Obsidian gives the signal... So begins the Nightmare Moon Rebellion.

Nocte Eternum, my brothers.

Art by: infernalishsoldat (Emblem) & berserkeroo (Nightsguard)

Diana's Theme composed by: RiotRunaan


Lull not the sun, as she sets
While she sleeps her light, wholly
As heav'nly sovereign power trades
When night doth overtake the day
Let silent fall the guilty sun
By Luna's judgment lain
One simple truth
She dare not speak
Her light can only blind and burn
No mercy for the guilty
Bring down the tyrant sun
By the true Queen of the Night
We stand obedient by your side
Dear moon, bring thee in
The dawn will never rise again.


released August 1, 2013




SkyBolt Sacramento, California

Writer, singer, lyricist, and voice actor, SkyBolt has been pony-fying all sorts of music since August 2012. He has worked with several artists large and small in the Brony community on collaborations and voice acting projects. With your help we can make this world a more pony place... one song at a time. ... more

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